Singapore Manufacturing Consortium

Dedicated to Bringing Industry 4.0 to Singapore and Abroad

Singapore Manufacturing Consortium 

A collection of only the most technologically advanced, industry proven, tested and deployed members dedicated to bringing Industry 4.0 to Singapore and abroad.

Industry 4.0 is not a term meant just for multi-national manufacturers nor does it require massive capital investments. With the right technologies, the right solutions and the right partners, any sized enterprise can be brought to the next level of efficiency, productivity and quality in this intensely competitive global market place. The Singapore Manufacturing Consortium (SIMCO) was founded for exactly this purpose, to elevate Singaporean manufacturers and others around the world to this next level.

SIMCO was formed by three founding members, Arcstone Pte. Ltd., EverComm Uni-Tech Singapore Pte. Ltd. and Cargobase Pte. Ltd. Covering the manufacturing spectrum from production floor monitoring and control with Arcstone’s Operations Platform (arc.ops) to optimizing machine and equipment energy efficiency with EverComm’s Energy Perfect Engine and Cargobase’s ad hoc freight management platform, SIMCO is designed to be a one stop shop for manufacturers ensuring that any problem can be solved by SIMCO’s members and all solutions work harmoniously without needing to worry about integration.

Dedicated to ensuring manufacturers are provided the best proven and test solutions, SIMCO continually looks for new members through a rigorous process that enforces all new member solutions to be tested, deployed and validated through multiple sites before admission to SIMCO is granted. All new solutions from members integrate with other SIMCO member’s platforms ensuring seamless operations for full visibility and control of manufacturing operations from raw materials to finished goods.

SIMCO is also a base of knowledge for manufacturing deployment and research & development. From publishing new research and findings to highlighting troubles and issues within the manufacturing landscape, SIMCO offers cutting edge updates for manufacturers on how to grow and scale their business in Singapore, South East Asia and around the globe. Members of SIMCO bring together decades of manufacturing best practices and experience and cover clients ranging from SMEs to MNCs to Fortune Global 500 companies from around the world.